Is It Time to Replace Your Tires?

When you drive around 14,000 miles a year, your tires can be expected to last between two and three years. Even when you drive fewer miles, your tires have a shelf life of about six years. Tire tread wears down from driving, while rubber breaks down over time even if you don't drive your car.

If you think you need new tires, head to our service center at Volvo Cars Annapolis. We will measure the tread on your tires and check the pressure. If your tires are in poor shape, we will recommend getting new tires for your vehicle.

The longer you wait to get new tires, the more at risk you will be. When you ignore tires that are badly worn, you are risking an accident. You don't want to get stuck at the side of the road because of a deflated tire. Get the tread checked on your car soon to stay safe.

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