The Essential Guide to Roadside Emergency Safety

Keeping safe in an emergency is key, and this guide will make certain you are in a better place if the unfortunate does happen.
  • If you have a blowout, try to get the car safely to the shoulder. Even if the tire is down, you can ride the rim a few feet to make certain everyone is safer.
  • Don't put down road flares around the car, they need to be several hundred feet up the road so drivers can react before seeing your car.
  • Call 911 and be patient. Stay locked in the car and tell anyone asking that help is already on the way.
  • Pack some essentials in your trunk to keep from being stranded long. An empty gas can and jumper cables may be all you need to get the help you need to move the car again.
The crew here at Volvo Cars Annapolis is committed to helping keep our community safer.
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