How to Replace a Flat Tire on a Driveway

Residential driveways are typically built on level or uneven terrain, so you must consider how a property is designed before implementing any tire maintenance procedures with a jack on a general landscape. If your property isn't sloped, you can replace a flat tire with a new wheel very easily. However, when a driveway is built on an inclined terrain, a parking brake must be used before lifting a vehicle with a jack.

Proper tire maintenance involves elbow grease because you'll need to twist the lug nuts firmly in order to implement loosening and tightening procedures. On a driveway, you'll need to use the jack and lug wrench while observing your surroundings, as you may misplace a lug nut if you're not organized.

If you lack proper tools or strength, you can replace a tire on a modern or vintage vehicle by visiting a professional shop. At Volvo Cars Annapolis, we help locals swap out damaged tires with new wheels quickly and efficiently. The process of using our services is simple because we proudly serve locals in Annapolis and surrounding areas.

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