Intelligent Safety Features in the Volvo S90

The new Volvo S90 is a popular luxury sedan that's engineered to help you stay safe on the road. The car is available at Volvo Cars Annapolis with a number of advanced features.

One of the most notable is Pilot Assist. Using a series of cameras and sensors, the S90 keeps track of your surroundings. Once initiated, the system can provide some light steering guidance to keep you in the center of your lane. It also manages speed, slowing down and speeding up as traffic changes on your journey.

When you're on the highway, the S90 can also monitor your driving habits to help you stay alert. The Driver Alert Control System automatically activates once you reach a certain speed. It will keep tabs on how you are driving and compare it to data collected on other drives. This comparison helps it determine if you're distracted or tired. The car can then provide multiple alerts to let you know that you should take a quick coffee break.



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