Be a Responsible Driver With the Volvo V90

An important part of driving safety is communication with other drivers. That's why the Volvo V90, a popular luxury wagon, comes equipped with special features to help you stay safe on busy roads in Annapolis.

When you need to step on the brakes quickly, the Volvo V90 lets other drivers know. During panic stops, it flashes your brake lights at a faster rate. That way, you can catch the attention of the driver behind you and help them react quickly.

In two-way traffic, it's important to stick to your lane to avoid drivers going the other direction. To help, the V90 features Oncoming Lane Mitigation technology. If you accidentally drift into the other lane, the car steers you back to avoid a collision.

By helping you react to and communicate with other drivers, the Volvo V90 boosts driving safety. Experience these industry-leading features for yourself with a test drive at Volvo Cars Annapolis.



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