Fans of full-size sedans, who additionally desire luxury, choose the S90. The exterior is sophisticated and elegant while the interior exudes comfort and luxury. Safety features are among the many amenities provided in the vehicle.

Safety starts during construction. The entire frame of the S90 is made using extra high-strength steel, which helps absorb impacts while keeping occupants safer. Load limitation and pre-tension technology enable seat belts to function properly but prevent passengers from enduring excessive bodily pressure.

Radar sensors and advanced camera technology continually monitor the vehicle's exterior. Should pedestrians, animals, cyclists or other vehicles become detected by the technology, the driver receives ample warning. If the driver does not respond promptly, the brakes apply themselves automatically to prevent disaster. The Volvo S90 has many other safety features to explore. Schedule a visit at our Volvo Cars Annapolis facility and take a test drive.


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