If you are one of the many Annapolis-area drivers whose driving habits result in a lower amount of mileage, then it is important to select the appropriate manufacturer recommendation when you are looking to have your car's motor oil changed. Most drivers simply schedule their oil change appointments when they reach the popular mileage guidelines, but low-mileage drivers need to take a different approach.

If you flip through your car's manual, you will find two different intervals that your car's manufacturer has determined as optimal for oil changes. One is based on a mileage guideline. However, if your driving habits are abnormally low, then this interval recommendation will not be appropriate for you.

Instead, search for a time guideline. This will often be around 6 months for average vehicles. Using a time guideline rather than a mileage guideline will ensure a healthy and efficient engine. Volvo Cars Annapolis offers a quality oil change service.


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