The Volvo V90 is a popular luxury wagon for a reason. In addition to a stylish cabin, the excitement is emphasized through its many safety features. These features not only give you peace of mind while driving but also augment the experience as a whole. For us at Volvo Cars Annapolis, finding out how these safety features help you out on the roads is critical.

Let's start with blind-spot monitoring. It's sometimes an impossible feat to be able to see objects while you are trying to merge safely. The system from Volvo will notify you when the coast is clear or when it is unsafe to merge. Another great safety feature standard in the Volvo V90 is automatic emergency braking.

Things happen fast on the roads. The automatic emergency braking system will brake automatically when an object suddenly is in your path. Come visit our showroom in Annapolis for a test drive to see these and other safety features in the V90.


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